Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Three-Year-Olds

This took place during Sacrament Meeting in my Nannie's ward in Arizona:

Jake is patiently waiting for the Sacrament to be over so he can eat the piece of gum in his hot little hand... while Kaiya's nicer mom told her she could eat hers now...

Jake: Are you kidding me Kaiya???!!! (Shaking his head and rolling his eyes) You are supposed to wait until the water is over!!

Kaiya: (Gestures with her hands and shrugs her little shoulders whilst chomping on her delicious bubble gum.)

Jake: Uggggggghhhhccchh! (Whispering now) Are you kidding me??!

This happened after church in the car--getting ready to go in the house and recover from church:

Michelle and I are both turned around attempting to have a meaningful chat with the kids before going inside...

Michelle: Okay, you guys-- there are going to be a lot of people at Nannie's house tonight. We are going to go inside and change our clothes and have some fun playing and watching movies. You guys need to remember to play nice and be happy.

Alicia: Yep-- you guys need to be happy and obey Michelle and Alicia, and Nannie and DeeDee.

Kaiya: Yeah, and Heabvenly Falther and Jesus.

Alicia: Yes.

Jake: Yeah, Jesus Cwrist.

Kaiya: Aaaaaamen!

Michelle: Okay! We're done... let's go inside!


Karin said...

So happy you shared this! Your sunbeams(!) are learning so much:)

Michelle said...

Usually Kaiya follows her "we need to obey Jesus" line with "or we can't go to Disneyland."

I kind of like the only-slightly-less-sacrilegious change-up :)

dxeechick said...

hilariously cute!

LEE BIEN said...

Gosh, I love those kids!