Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Christmas in New Mexico was fantastic (as usual) this year.
We mostly stayed in but went out a little too. Santa found us at Nona and Poppy's house and we even went on a real sleigh ride. 

Actually, aside from the "Christmustaches" it was a perfect holiday.

Doug, Sean, Brent, and Blaine with their brand new "Christmustaches".
Sorry, Carter boys... but I think only Magnum P.I. can really pull this look off.
Still funny though. :)

A shot of all the gifts under the tree. Wow.

We went all out this year and put out some cookies and eggnog for Santa (and a little something for the reindeer too).

Our attempt at the Nativity. It was actually, really adorable.
Chris bought all these Nativity hats for the big night... I only wish Jake was less lame and would have let me take this picture of ALL the Carter kids.

I'll bet you didn't know that one of the wise men had a mustache.

Opening Christmas Eve jammies.

Reading "The Night Before Christmas" with Markelle.

Aaaaaannnndddd........ Christmas morning.

I loved that Jakey and Jack were totally into Santa this year. It made everything so much more magical for me.

A Finn McMissile car!!!

Lalaloopsy doll.

Walkin' Van.

New trains!

(James, Harold, and Deisel 10.)

Sarah brushing and loving on her new Cinderella dolly.

I had to get this one on here too... she wouldn't take those boots off all morning.

Growing us, we used to get a letter from Santa in our stockings each year. I loved reading them as a kid and had to begin this tradition with my own kids. I know they didn't really "get it" this year, but tradition is tradition.

My kids got a lot of great stuff this year. It was so fun watching them open everything that I sucked at documenting much of the morning... not that I regret it. Sometimes there is a time to put away the camera and take it all in.

Aren't these horses pretty? They weren't any of ours, but I thought they were so pretty to look at.

I love this New Mexico tradition of the sleigh ride. 
Thanks, Steve and Chris!!

Little girl.
Van and Sean.

It was a beautiful day. Sunny and not too cold.

Taking a picture of Sean taking a picture. Love it.

Our awesome driver.

The other sleigh held Steve, Chris, Doug, Jen, and Van.

Our sleigh (minus Sean and Brent).

Sean was nice enough to take some pictures with my camera while Blaine and I wrestled the kiddos.

Jack checking out the horses and sleigh. So cute.

The Carter Crew.

A sublet of the Carter Crew.

Oh, those cheeks!

The kids LOVED climbing all over this snow pile. I don't want to think too hard about what may have been under it. 

Good thing I sprung for the snow bibs this year. :)
Merry Christmas!


LEE BIEN said...

What a wonderful holiday. I'm so glad you had a great time in New Mexico. We'll see you soon!

dxeechick said...

NM has snow. I had no idea, seriously. Great christmas pics!

Christy said...

I love all these pictures. So much to comment on. Just know I love when you post lots of pics. I love the sleigh, the snow pics, the pictures of Sarah loving on her baby doll while wearing her boots (I wish spencer would wear rain boots), your christmas letters (might steal that tradition), the staches... help me... and just the whole post. the one that gets me is Blaine with a 'stache as a wiseman. Help me. hahaha!