Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello, May.

April, you were good to us this year... We loved you in Florida and Utah was pretty great too. You brought us a little yard work, a new tree and shrubs, some fresh and pretty potted flowers and herbs, parent and kid-sized porch chairs, a little rain, and even a few really hot afternoons. We can't complain.

May, you are bringing us a lot of birthdays and family time. We are excited. We look forward to more nice weather for nice walks, and maybe even a little more planting in our front yard. As for the backyard, YIKES. I'm more than a little nervous about what May might do to us back there. Wish us luck. And, May... be gentle. We're new at this.

1 comment:

LEE BIEN said...

Love the poster. Love your comments. Love your attitude. As for your back yard, all in good time my dear.