Monday, May 7, 2012

Sarah Says:

Sarah is so sweet while putting her to bed. She says, "I uhvbe ooo" (I love you), and "doo[d] [g]irrw" ("good girl"), and "nigh, night"... The other night, as I was laying her down and taking her Cinderella doll out of her crib (she had a full entourage in there with her, already), the following conversation took place:

Sarah: (pointing to her Cinderella doll) Rella!
Me: You want to sleep with Rella?
Sarah Yes. (She totally says "yes" sometimes. Emphasis on the "s".)
Me: Okay, here she is, (tucking Rella in with a blanket next to Sarah).
Sarah: Rella, shoes?
Me: Rella doesn't need her shoes. She's going to sleep and already has on her covers.
Sarah: Otay. Nigh, night.

I listened for a while outside her door, and then with the monitor downstairs to hear Sarah talking to Rella...

Sarah: Oh, hi Rella! Hi!
Sarah: Shoes? Baempet? (Blanket) Rella, otay? Nigh, night.

Love this little girl.


Tammy said...

What a doll. I love hearing my kids talk when they don't know I am listening.

LEE BIEN said...

I love her too. She really is Sarah Sweetheart.

dxeechick said...


Becca Jo said...

so cute!!! she is such a sweetie

Jen Carter said...

Aw. What a sweetheart!