Sunday, August 26, 2012

Instagram Recap

 Rolling down the hill. (And not into traffic. I made sure.)

 All worn out from a day at the pool.

 Jakey--playing trains and fixing some lunch.

 My little lefty-artist.

 My little dainty girl.

 I'm so glad I finally read this. And the cover art is fantastic. (I love you, Ray.)

 Sarah became a little obsessed with Grandma Molly's neighbor's cats.

 She wouldn't stop... and these dang cats kept coming back for more.

 My favorite comment on this picture was from my friend, Jaana: "Kitty love meeeeeeeee!" lol

 Escaping for about five minutes up the tree.

 Self explanatory and sooooooo awesome.

A look at one of the many fires this summer. This one was right by our house (although this was taken on 126th). And this one had me pretty worried. It must have been all the falling ash and local news teams all over the neighborhood. I even packed up the kids just in case we had to evacuate in the middle of the night. Luckily, it was put out quickly and the bigger fire in the canyon was well-contained also. We love our fire-fighters!

 At the Herriman reservoir with Markelle and crew. (Although the water level was a little low due to all the fire-fighting.)

 At our pool with Castellanos. Love this little girl of mine.

 *sigh* The beginnings of our backyard make-over. Actually, can you call it a make-over if there was never anything to begin with? There will be more pictures of this, but nothing final until next summer. As in, 2013. Yikes.

 Future patio.

 Chandelier and ceiling at Capitol Theater. I love this building.

Really dark, crappy picture of me and the mister at Wicked (and the best night out I've had in forever! Seriously, I am still dreaming of my Filet Mignon at Flemings.)

Oh, Wicked! Seriously, sooooo amazing. We went a couple years ago too but our seats and our Elphaba were killer this time around. I just love this show.

 This is what bored looks like at our house.

 Sunday dinner rolls. Finally! I got 'em right thanks to Laurel.

Pretty rainstorm and a pretty rainbow. I love this weather.


LEE BIEN said...

Thanks for the summer recap. See you guys sooooooon!

Laurel said...

Even though I've totally seen all of these already, I love your recaps. ;-) And I'm super happy that your rolls turned out. Ya Hoo!!!