Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Kid is a Pre-Schooler!

I have a Pre-Schooler... I can't believe it.
We have been working toward this for a while. I have been really nervous about it (weird dreams, making charts, lots of conversations), and well-- today went really smoothly.
Jake was so excited and brave about today. He marched right up to the front door (we are doing a co-op -think "Joy School"- deal with some other families in the hood) and he didn't even look back at me. It was a huge relief... and yes, I did cry all the way to the store with only Sarah in tow. I mean, this is big deal. From here on out, my life is different. Everything has changed. It's the weirdest feeling. Yet, I am really proud of Jakey today. We will work on the whole "joining in" thing, but he had a great day. He learned about the letter A and can't wait until next time.
Things are a-changin' around here. I'll just try my best to adjust.


Michelle said...

How can he look so big but so little (with his ginormous backpack) at the same time? I'm glad he's liking school and even if the transition is hard on you, hopefully it's not too hard on him :)

dxeechick said...

that is crazy! big, sweet boy

LEE BIEN said...

So big! I love him and I love that you took this photo.