Monday, October 1, 2012

Fun with the water-proof camera

I found these pictures much, much later than I should have. Still, they deserve to be on here... some of them much too awesome to ignore. Enjoy!

Cute kiddos playing on the beach together.

Headed down to the water.

Here I am... four months pregnant and in a swimsuit.

Just in case anyone wanted to know what I looked like wet.
This is so damn funny to me... These look like Blaine snapped them one right after the other--*snap* DRY! *snap* WET!

Jack, warming up to the big blue ocean.

Sean wins for most awesome faces while swimming ever.

I think this series is called "the torpedo".
Can't wait for the sequel in 2013.


Doug's always had a great fist pump.

Jen, were you a cheerleader?

Oh, hey.

Markelle looks too cute to be really swimming in the ocean.
She must be faking it.

Go, Jen!

Oh, I love it.

Great ending.

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