Sunday, January 13, 2013

Instagram Recap

Putting away Christmas is the saddest. I'm still recovering.

Now, that's a lot of decorations... and that's not even all of it.
My new calendar. I am so in love with it.

Sarah getting her face on. Girls or so awesome.

Our house above the garage is full of icicles. It's crazy cold out there.
I'm already putting up Valentine's Day but I couldn't let go of Christmas cards for at least another week or so.

This little princess pink in dressed to the nines all day--every day.

Here she is mixing it up in her old bumblebee costume. She thinks it's her butterfly dress. We let her believe whatever she wants.

Happy anniversary to my sweetheart, Blaine. Seven years and many more to come. Oh, I love this guy. He took me out to "Texas De Brazil" (YUM!) and we even shopped a little.

This little boy is my best little pal. Watching his favorite show, "How It's Made" together and snuggling with a bowl of popcorn. He even tells me he loves me all the time lately. Love him.

This is hilarious and is a real text conversation I was having with Blaine about what we needed from the store and how I was worried about Sarah getting SICK. Hmmmmmmm...

 Sticker books and Sleeping Beauty. Man, I had cabin fever this night.

 Sarah asked me to take this picture of her with her sunglasses on. She is so funny.

 Getting this girl to eat her lunch is one of my least favorite things to do... At least she's cute.

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LEE BIEN said...

I love your little family. You guys are doing a great job.