Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012

We had our families over again this year for New Year's Eve. It was both food and fun-filled and involved an early balloon drop and a late-night machete balloon pop.

So... about the machetes... Blaine bought them for everyone who went to Washington for Christmas this year. They cost $3.99 each and they were meant to go in everyone's stockings Christmas morning. You can imagine how bummed out Blaine and I were to realize that we forgot to bring them with us. Good thing people were still excited about getting them in time for New Year's balloon popping.
Everyone got in on the popping action... and I have the video to prove it. :)

Seriously... awesome. So awesome that we all popped to the soundtrack of "The Final Countdown" in true Gob Bluth style.

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LEE BIEN said...

I think a New Years Eve tradition has been born. Next year...a sword in each hand?