Sunday, December 22, 2013

Temple Square

I love Temple Square at Christmas. For me, it's not really Christmas until I see the lights at Temple Square. I have great memories of going with all the Kemptons when I was a kid and everyone was at our house for Christmas. We'd get all dressed up in our snow gear and hit downtown in full force. 
Which is exactly what we did tonight. We rode up to SLC on Traxx and bested the seriously crazy crowds. Seriously. It was insane.

 Buying hot chocolate.


 Doug and Jen.

 Baby Mark.

 Jake has been at an 11 for weeks now. Christmas is in 3 days. :) I love him.

 What a poser.



 Little hot chocolate holder.


dxeechick said...

haven't seen the temple square lights in years, and they are so dang pretty! enjoying your new camera?!

Candice said...

Thanks for posting these. I didn't make it to Temple Square this year, and I just adore that red tree. You captured it beautifully.