Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sarah is FOUR!

 Our little girl is officially four-years-old. Miss sassy-pants, Sarah. She has been really into "Teen Beach Movie" lately and so we decided on a beach theme for her party, this year. All her cousins came and Nona and Poppy came too. It was a success.
We sure love this little Miss.

 She loves to pose.

 And Jake is so handsome.

 Sarah loves being a "big girl" with Kaiya.

 Jen and Crosbie.

 Opening presents.

 Sarah got a "big-girl bike" this year.

 And Jakey got her a kitty parasol. :)

 Nona's "Merida" costume came with its very own wig.

 And everyone had fun trying it on.

 When it came time to bust open the pinata, we realized there wasn't a great place to do it... so Daddy saved the day and hung it outside Sarah's bedroom window.

 The thing was pretty tough though... it took some extra help from Uncle Brent.

 Cake time!

 Laurel playing "Uncle Jesse" with Mark and Luke.

I finally got a some-what decent picture of Mark's funny face.

Happy Birthday, Sarah girl! We sure love you.

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Angenette said...

Now that is a PARTY!

Did I mention my birthday is coming up?

(not really, but with party throwing skills like that...)