Sunday, December 13, 2009

Festivus Festivities

Just a little documentation of our festivities around here...

It's been crazy lately (but in a good way). We were up in WA for ten days through Thanksgiving, then back home for enough time to put up all the Christmas trimmings, only to take off again to St. George for a nice relaxing weekend with Michelle and Brad (thanks again, guys!).

Anyway, we just said goodbye to Blaine's parents who were here for a weekend of "A Christmas Carol" at Hale Theater and, of course, the gingerbread event. This Friday is Kaiya's first birthday party in Payson, then we are off for St George again for Annie and Curt's wedding (Yay!). From there, we will go straight to NM for Christmas.

Bring it on. I love it.
I absolutely love this time of year.

Jake admiring the tree.
I think we may be bad parents... we told him the tree is "hot" (his favorite new word) so he won't touch it.

"O Christmas Tree"

My adorable new advent calendar.

Just goofing off.

Funny man.

While the Carters were in town we headed North to check out the lights at Temple Square. I haven't done this is years, so even though it frigid cold, it was a great time.

Jakey on Trax.
We may have gone overboard on dressing him (I can't put my arms down!) but didn't have any gloves for him. Luckily, Nona was nice enough to lend Jake hers. What a nice Grandma.

Sean and Jack on Trax.

Happy boys.

Check out that kid's gloves. He looks like E.T.

The fam.

Love this boy.

Pretty temple.
The annual Carter Gingerbread Extravaganza.
Carly always outdoes us all and this year's tree was no different.

Brent and Markelle's Jack-inspired barn. I love the tractor.

Doug and Jen's public bathroom--complete with stalls, sinks and urinals.

Sean's "happy meal".

Our house. Blaine and I weren't sure what to do this year. We finally decided on this beauty and thought we'd call it our dream house. We had big plans for a pool out back, but Blaine fizzled out on me.


Lamb Fam said...

I don't know how you do it all being PREGO. I want a nap just reading all you have going on. You are wonder woman- and I guess I'm a wimp (and not even pregnant)! So great to see you the other day. Sorry I'm so out-of-control, and thanks for putting up with me!

Alifinale said...

I love that you told Jake the tree is hot. Brilliant. I love all the decorations and the house competition looks like way too much fun.

Anonymous said...

you are so dang creative! I love it!...and LOVE the pics of Jake. He is absolutely darling.
Have fun and enjoy!
Larabelle :)

Amy said...

What? No, gingerbread replica of the World Trade Center this year?? You guys still did a good job! I also love that Jake had so many layers on that he couldn't put his arms down!

Jessie said...

You guys are so much fun!

I can hardly handle how cute that picture is of Jake with Chris's cloves on. Love him!

Jessie said...

And I meant to say "gloves" not "cloves", but you already knew that.

Markelle said...

I sure had fun with you guys making houses! Love them all!!

Merry Christmas! see you soon. btw I could probably fit inside the gun case your husband brought by today!

dxeechick said...

its a festivus miracle!!!

Christy said...

Wow! Jake looks so big. So tall and like a little boy. And ya, I told Spencer the tree was "ouchy" so he doesn't touch it. And whenever we would lose Spencer's gloves, we just put an extra pair of socks on his hands. It looks so funny but how sad to have cold hands. Love the big gloves AND reference to A Christmas Story. Fun times! We need to get together when we're there over the holidays. Glad you guys are having a great season!

LEE BIEN said...

I can't believe how old Jake looks in the pictures by your Christmas tree. Wow. I just saw the little guy at Thanksgiving! Awesome and creative candy houses. Again.

Candice said...

I look forward to the Carter Gingerbread creations every year. The Happy Meal is a awesome

Scott and Megan said...

love this's like the annual dog show on the nielsen side. You admire from afar and slightly want to be invited to the event, but never want to be over-bearing...i vote for....wait for it....doug and Jen. That is Scott's dream come true! He absolutely loves urinals and wants one in our HOUSE...hello?! Way to go on the future house, can I stay which you (said like donkey on shrek? meant to spell with like which..)

Scott and Megan said...

and I needed this to be a completely different comment, but I have never been more flattered in my insecure life to see all three of you wearing my beanLee handiwork!:) Oh my good gosh I seriously just bust my buttons when I see that they are "hip" enough to wear...!:)saweet flattery will get you EVERYWHERE!