Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Milkshake,

Dear chocolate-banana-malt-milkshake,

You rock!
Last night, you knocked my socks off. I loved you til the last drop.
However, you gave me the most wicked heartburn of my pregnancy so far {and that's with Prilosec!} and I {almost} regretted you.

Iceberg won't be seeing me for a little while.

You win, pregnancy.


LEE BIEN said...

It was worth the heartburn because that is the best milkshake combo on the planet. By the way, it was your Papa's favorite choice as well.

Markelle said...

I love how emotionally attached you are to this milkshake. It happens to me all the time--peach milkshakes, cadbury mini eggs, skull pops, etc. We have that in common and is one of the many reasons why I like you:)

heartburn really blows, really.

brad and michelle said...

Okay so I haven't checked your blog (or anybody's for that matter) in weeks. I like you. I hate heartburn. I'm excited to escort you around girl world. I appreciate your observations of the socially unaware.

Jen Carter said...

Mostly I'm just wondering why you would pick that flavor of milkshake....Then again, I don't like anything.

Jacquee said...

this was a very sad story. I never thought Iceberg was that fab though. you pay for quantity, not quality. (But lets be honest, quantity is pretty important during pregnancy.)

Don't give up on it. Just eat it earlier in the day. show that fetus who's boss!

Mike and Lara said...

LOVE milkshakes! Besides, pregnancy was always my excuse to treat myself whenever I wanted to. And, it did totally remind my of Papa. He love the "Malt"!
Enjoy!!!!! :) Larabelle

Laurel said...

I'm loving the chocolate-banana portion, but not so much the malt in it. Anyway, I like you.

Brett said...

OH how I love that flavor milkshake too - yum!!! Darn pregnancy heartburn!!!!