Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lee Life. Good Life.

The Lee family reunion at Zermatt was a huge success.
We spent three days and two nights at the Zermatt Resort in Midway and it was awesome.
Thanks Mom and Dad for the amazing weekend. It was a blast... "Painting with Bob Ross" was incredible (yes... we really all painted individual oil paintings to one of Bob's television shows), and this year's "talent show" was more than memorable (although I have no documentation of it... which is actually, probably a good thing. haha).
Anyway, here we go. (Thanks, Megan for the first five stolen pictures.)
Why don't I have a single picture of Dad at the resort? Lame.

Matty with all the grand kids. What a great uncle.

I had to take this one from Megan because it's the only one I don't look like I'm suffering from Elephantiasis.

Pretty sisters.

Nannie stole the show. I love this woman.

Pool time!

Brett and Matt were more than happy to pose for some homoerotic pictures. Hilarious.


Daddy and Jakey.

Michelle and Kaiya.

The kiddos in the tub.

Let's bowl, let's bowl, let's rock n' roll.

We were lucky enough to meet this great Zermatt employee who let us ride the carousel for free... even after it was closed for the day.

Kaiya and Michelle.



Matty... this is where it started getting hilarious. And funny.

Isabel and Dee Dee.

My two guys.

Uncle Scott.

One more of Matty. I freaking love this guy.

So when we got back from our extravaganza, we had a big Sunday dinner at our place.

Good times.


Kat said...

Good to see everyone! How fun to be all together. I love the Lees!!!

Scott and Megan said...

oh ya, that was fun! nice photos!:)

Laurel said...

That picture of everyone all together is actually really good! Happy. I freaking love everyone in my family. Serioso. The only consolation for our Midway extravaganza feeling so fast is that we'll all be together again this next week. (Insert extreme happiness HERE!!!)

Hooray for Zermatt!

dxeechick said...

Looks so fun! Your family is the coolest

Mom of twins ♥ said...

I love your family! Great pictures and what a fun tradition that is!

Jacquee said...

Looks like it was a blast. Homoerotic photo shoot, huh? quick question: "Boxers, Briefs or Bikinis?" (pronounced [bick-in-iss]...I think you catch my drift)

LEE BIEN said...

Goooooood Times.