Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beach House 2010: Sunny Ending

Five years of going to the beach and this is the first year we haven't had perfect weather the whole week. It really doesn't matter. I mean, hey--it's the beach! And, we did get a great sunny ending.

Best. View. Ever.

Jake loved this tractor toy.
And I love that face.

Everyone in the water.
But me, of course.
Someone's gotta distract Jake by feeding him sugar. This kid was terrified whenever his daddy was in the water. He'd cry and yell for Blaine to hold him whenever Blaine tried to go swimming. It was actually kind of sweet of him. I just wish he hadn't been so scared.

So, Jake was completely terrified of the ocean until the last day there. We don't know what happened to make him want to run in the waves with his daddy, but it's all he wanted to do. What a weirdo.

We didn't know how long this would last, so I just kept on snapping the pictures.

I wish I looked as cute pregnant as Markelle.

These little boys are really turning into little pals. Jack likes to tell Jake what to do... and Jake loves to listen and follow whatever Jack says and does.

They were having a great time putting Wheat Thins {best beach food ever!} in the grooves on the deck-bench.

Jake's not much of a hugger, but Jack sure tries.
I love these boys. I can't wait to see them grow up together.


Rachael said...

What a GREAT trip!!! It all looks so relaxing and perfect. Love that Jake wouldn't go into the water until your last day - I can SO see Tessa pulling that same stunt!

Laurel said...

Okay, the only thing missing from these beach trip posts is MORE PICTURES OF SARAH! Alright, I get it. She's a "newborn".

I am in love with the ones of Jakey and Jack just hanging out on the deck. They are so cute together. :)

What a happy day!

Scott and Megan said...

These are my favorite pictures of Beach House 2010. I love the ones of people...I was looking at the "when I was in Italy" pictures and I like the ones best that have us, friends, etc. Those cute little boy Jackson and Jacob--are the earest little pals. They are cute and I wish I looked as cute as Markelle when she is pregnant and when I'm not...sheesh! I agree with Laurel..I need more pictures of you and sarah, however seeing you in person yesterday was the better alternative. Thank you for your visit. It lifted my spirits more than you will ever know. I got in the shower after you left and we went for a drivel...I derived so much energy from seeing you!!! :0 Love you Leesh! and I like that BLaine fella

Markelle said...

you really are too kind...(about the the prego pics)

I am sooo glad you always take pictures, because I never do:(

however I will post the five that I did manage to take soon. very soon. I hope. Or is it just lame now?

The Bollinger Family said...

Looks so beautiful! Your little dude is simply adorable!