Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Drama Queen

When I was a senior in high school, a few friends and I thought it was high-time we showed the rival high school our Jaguar Pride by defacing their track and football field before the Big Game.

While we were sneaking and slinking across the bleachers and field, we heard some kind of alarm go off. Looking back, it was probably the sprinkler system alert or something else equally lame, but we panicked and ran like hell across the grass to the fence, which we proceeded to jump over. I was wearing what I liked to call my "Spice Girl shoes"--hideous, shiny, blue sneakers with an embarrassingly tall heel (hey--it was 1996!), and I fell on my landing and rolled my ankle. I was a little more spry than I am now but it hurt.

I remember when I made it home that night, I dramatically made my little sisters cater to my needs by making me ice-packs while I elevated my poor, twisted, puffy ankle. I was pretty good at the drama thing even back then.

Despite our feelings of superiority and awesome-ness, our efforts only resulted in a quick field tee pee clean-up and a plastic cover over our huge, soapy W.J.

Well, today I fell and rolled my ankle again.
And I don't even have a lame story to tell.

I was walking down the stairs and looking out the window to see if our horrible neighbors were, indeed, moving out today and I missed some steps and fell. Hard.

Then, to make it really embarrassing, I laid on the floor staring at Jake's "Doc" car under the red chair and wondered how I was going to get to the phone so I could call Blaine and let him know that we needed to go to the E.R. I told you... I'm good at the drama...I think there's a reason God has blessed me with strong bones (so far) and the reason is: I am a big, fat wuss.

So, I sat up and wiggled my toes, then limped to the window and verified that YES, they are moving! (Yay.)

Now I'm just sad I'm missing The Lower Lights tonight at the Sandy Amphitheater. Instead, I'm stuck elevating my stupid ankle and watching Finding Nemo with Jake and an ice-pack.



Mesia said...

hello! i love your beach pictures...makes me miss home! i lived in san clemente...so fun!

Scott and Megan said...

oh leesh you crack me up and i shouldn't be laughing! I am so sorry, I would rather break a bone than sprain/strain/pull anything! My first thought was...well sh*t what is she going to wear to the blessing and what can we do for shoes....HERE is my perfect advice. I WORE A BOOT TO JAKE'S BLESSING!!!! I can loan you my lovely boot (comes in black) for Sarah's...that way we can always have someone looking like a wuss in pictures. What are the chances and crap?! I personally blame your lame ass neighbors. Which by the way are they renting out their meth-infested town home? We just might be interested--but only if the meth is still fresh on the walls!

Alifinale said...

Drama drama drama. You crack me up. Sad that it happened, but at least your horrible neighbors are moving. And Finding Nemo is really good. Just keep swimming...

Lamb Fam said...

You are freaking hilarious! And I'm so sorry about your ankle.

Rachael said...

SAD!!!! Rolled ankles are no fun at all! (Is there anything I can do???)

The Bollinger Family said...

Makes me feel a whole lot better about tripping over a curb in May and spraining my wrist. My students told me to come up with a better story. Maybe I should use your HS one next time. ;)