Sunday, August 15, 2010

Me... and the Pussycats

Tonight I came across this soundtrack while pretending to prepare my lesson.
Oh, this takes me back to my days of living with Kendee and Alison. When we went to see it countless times at good 'ol Movies 8 just for the sheer fun of it. It was mindless and hilarious and I guess we were too.
That was a summer that changed life. Good times.

(My sisters will be upset if I don't plug their affinity for mindless hilariousness too. We loved this movie together as well.)


Alifinale said...

Best. Summer. EVER!!! Oh we had fun and I love the Pussycats. Man, we had good times and we were pretty hilarious.

Now I want to go watch this. Wanna come?

Laurel said...

Honk if you love pussy


Kendee said...

That was the Best Summer Ever AEAEAEAEAEAEAEAE! Nice comment Laurel. You are hilarious (but not mindless).