Monday, August 16, 2010

Our own "HAPPY" meal

So, after drinking Mint Juleps at Friday night's book club, (thank you, Tammy!) Blaine and I got ambitious and looked up the Disneyland recipe... along with Disneyland's Monte Cristo sandwiches and Dole Whips. Yum.
It was f'amazing. (Thanks for the word, Christy.)

We asked the local Carters over for our Sunday dinner Happy Meal. We served our Disneyland treats with bbq lime-cilantro corn-on-the-cob, fruit salad, and yummy spinach and chicken salad a la Brent and Markelle.

Bless this August weather and our little backyard. We enjoyed sitting in the shade outdoors during dessert and I enjoyed taking a few pictures.
The little boys enjoyed Jake's rocket sprinkler (thanks, Nona and Poppy!) and we finally gave up, took off their clothes, and let them run amok. I think it was worth it.

Mint Julep and Monte Cristo.
Seriously... Heaven.

Doug and Jen.
I can't wait to be an aunt again come this March. *wink*

Brent and Sarah.

I think Jake enjoyed the Dole Whips more than anyone else.

These pictures scream summertime to me. I love it.

Markelle laughing at me taking her picture.

I promise Jack was happy here. He was goofing off for the camera.

Jack trying so hard to love on Jake.

My boy inherited my Lee skin... well, that and the poor kid needs to get outdoors more. It's nice that it's cooling off around here--maybe I'll actually take him outside.
Good thing he's so stinkin' cute and has those baby blues....
With Jack next to him, Jake's looking a little too much like the sickly kid from The Simpsons.
Sorry, Nona. Jake didn't get your "good skin", as you put it. :)


Scott and Megan said...

Dang you are funny. I totally "get" your humor and love every second of YOU!!!! I am sad I wasn't there, even though Scott and I have been feeling like doody! Your photos are wonderful as always and that little Jake does have the Lee Matt would put it "my color of skin is "clear!" LOLOLOL and um are Jenn and Doug seriously prego??? Um, no really???

Alifinale said...

Put him next to my kids and he might look tan. Seriously, we love translucent white skin around here.

Looks like summer fun. Too bad I am not in your state, nor a Carter because my mouth is watering.

Laurel said...

3 things:

1) That Mint Julep today was freaking a-mazing!!!
2) LOVE the pictures!
3) Did you just announce something for Jen and Doug?!!?? Because if you did I'm so excited!!!

Markelle said...

thank you, thank you again! for the fantastic feast. You guys rock...

that picture of me--eeewww

all the others are good, I love our boyzz.

Karin said...

Love these summer pictures of Jake! They are so, so great! Take the sickly picture off- there is NO resemblance of your darling blue-eyed babe and that nastiness.
Sarah not only looks big, but grown up!
And my blogging friend, Markelle, looks gorgeous in that shot.

Tammy said...

Your pictures are great!!! I had my family over too and we ate outside. It was such a beautiful day but I didn't take any beautiful pictures like you. I'm glad I helped you find the mint julep. I'm good for something!

Kendee said...

I just stayed up until midnight (by myself) watching Food Network. Now, just before going to bed, I decided to check your blog. Your happy meal looks delish: I am OBSESSED with food right now, but have such bad heartburn, I can't eat a bite. Looks like your theme party was a great success. Love you, super mom.

Lamb Fam said...

I freaking love Disney's Monte Cristos!!! JEALOUS!!!

Amy said...

I thought Mint Julips had alcohol in them. Did I just make a new drinking friend?? I knew you would come around!;)

Angenette said...

Now I get to blog stalk you. :)
Also, I think those recipes should be shared.
p.s. I always knew we should have been much closer friends than we ended up being. This blog just goes to prove it!

Rachael said...

Um yeah - share those recipes! What a fun evening! (And love the summertime pictures!)

Jessie said...


And Jake and Jack are probably the best little buds!