Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Mexico Trip

There's a New Mexico?
Yes, there is... and we love it.
Here are a few pictures from our New Mexico trip we took waaaay back in July. Blaine had a great time with the underwater case in the pool.

Jake loved swimming in Nona's pool. Seriously, this kid couldn't get enough of it. He was a champ.

Sean inflating his shirt-flotation-device. It's great in a life-saving situation.

I think Sean is attempting The Karate Kid "Crane" on an unsuspecting Douglas.

And here is my kid drinking the pool water. It totally made him sick while we were in Durango later on.

Doug making the long walk to the diving board. (Note that he is wearing flippers.)


And here are the Carter boys swimming through the underwater hoops.

This is kind of a goofy picture, but Jake loves to say, "Two Carter kids" whenever I lay both kiddos down like this on the bed. It's pretty cute.

Daddy and Sarah at the chocolate shop in Durango. It was pouring rain, and we loved eating our treats in the storm.

Jake sans pants.
This kid had an embarrassing bout of "The Big D" at Cuckoo's in Durango. It was awful. But I'd like to publicly thank Steve, Chris, Jen, and Doug who helped Blaine and me out. I'd also like to publicly out Sean, who high-tailed it outta there while trying to control his gag-reflex.


Markelle said...

I love the picture of your kiddos on the bed, they are beautiful!

hahaha that Sean...where is he when you need him? I'll tell you he wasn't helping Brent and I when Jack up chucked on the Disney shuttle bus. good thing he is so adorable:)

Laurel said...

I am visualizing Vince Vaughn circa "Four Christmases" and his gag-reflex... Is that pretty close?

Nona's pool looks like heaven! What a fun trip for you all. And yes, I love the picture of your "two Carter kids". Almost as much as I ACTUALLY love those two Carter kids. :)

Amy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There are so many things about this post that make me laugh! The picture of Sean about to kick water at Doug is classic. You should have saved that diaper and stuck it in Sean's bed or gaming chair. That'll teach em!

Jessie said...

You crack me up. I am totally dying over the last picture of Jake. Sean is funny.

The picture of your 2 Carter kids on the bed is darling. I love babies in jammies. I wanna squeeze em'!

Scott and Megan said...

Cute. Cute. Cute. I love seeing the goings on in NM! Gotta love those Carters! I still heart Sean even though he made a mad dash elsewhere...

Sean said...

I'm qualified to hug, play cars, and watch movies. Pooping and barfing is above my pay scale.