Monday, October 25, 2010

A couple more... Dumb Dumb Dumb.

The author (she's talking about J.K. Rowling) makes it fun and interesting for everyone, she really lets your mind explore the magical world that everyone wants to live in. I realized that you need all the facts before you blame someone or do something to them that they do not deserve. Every person I used to be friends with did something like this to me that makes me hate them or not like them and it's the same with relationships with guys for example, there was this one kid I met over the summer and we talked every day for about three weeks before he told me how he felt about me and I told him how I felt about him but after a while of us being together he started making thins up and that's why we stopped hanging out together but his excuses were pretty serious he told me he had been stabbed the night before my birthday party so he couldn't come he also told me that he was moving to Orem, Utah, which neither of those stories were true he was just making up excuses so he could hang out with his other girl friend that I didn't know about. So finally I told him that I was sick of the lies because I knew they weren't true because I had been with him the night he got "stabbed" we were with his friends and his brother as well as a couple of my friends and he was the first to leave and I had texted him until he went to bed by then I was still awake. After he told me he was moving I asked him when and he said in two weeks because he wasn't going to be going to Alta but then turns out we had a class together so I knew he was lying to me that's when I ended it but I made sure I was making the right decision then when I confronted him about it he told me everything he had said was a lie and there was another girl he had been seeing as well as seeing me. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend and everyone I know!

I wish I were making these up.

Goosebumps welcome to camp green lake
The title of my book is Camp green lake. The author is the book is very well known R L Stine and there are 294 pages. The book is classified as a frightening book. To chill and scare readers. To scare the living hell out of them. well known horror story. Out of kids. It is classify suspicious thing. It really live up to you expatiation scared the hell out of me.
The main character name is Steve and a couple of his buddies mark and Alex and junkie .the base and the point of view of my story is that conflicts to are based on the main character mind. The behavior and reaction are based on he main figuring out the weird happening to camp green lake .like mark ending up missing .the behavior of the character is his actions towards junkie how weird she is to him. the realism and characteristics are trticale and no help.
To teach do not go to cap that freak you out .the dwelt that happens. No harsh works .the personal actions are conflicted to the characters of the books. No hell no freaks me out

My mind just threw up and I think my soul is dying. Help.


Okie said...


I love how the first one just goes on a rant about her romantic escapades and tries to loosely tie it all back to the book.

Don't these kids get anybody to proofread their work before handing it in? ...maybe they do, but they can't find anybody who knows how to write a proper essay and/or book report. Double yikes.

Alifinale said...

Oh this is good stuff. Makes me want to rummage through and see if I have some old papers that I can laugh about.

Expatiation? Seriously funny.

Becca Jo said...

Seriously, how do you even start grading these papers? I wouldn't know where to begin. It's too overwelming!

The Haights said...

So I started reading your top post and I was totally confused. I thought... "What is Alicia talking about?? Oh.. she must be telling a story of when she was younger and dating. WAIT..They didn't have texting when she dating." Once I finished that story.. I figured out what was going on.

I agree with Becca. What in the world do you do with a paper like that. The paper must look like a bloody mess with all of that red pen on it.

As I'm typing this.. I can feel you correcting my writing.

Shum Girl said...

Wow. These kids should not own a cell phone. They are texting too much.

Candice said...

I'm just glad kids are still reading goosebumps. That brought my soul to life again on this cold Tuesday morning.

Allison Hansen said...

Oh my gosh, I can't breathe. I'm laughing so hard.

I can't believe someone besides me has used the "I got stabbed last night" excuse to get out of something*.

* like teaching RS last week.

Tony and Whitney said...

Oh dear. . . I bet I can tell you which teacher these are from. And book reports? Really? Didn't those go out of fashion with fountain bangs?