Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dumbed Down

I think I am getting dumber.
I have been grading book reports for a teacher I used to work with at Alta High (I am a reader for the English Department there), and seriously... my brain is twitching.

Seriously, I think the little Microsoft paper-clip dude that was "helping" this kid write their crap report bent himself into a tiny aluminum noose and hung himself... yeah, it's that awful.

Here's an excerpt (exactly as it was written):

I honestly believe after reading this book that the author's purpose is to build understanding of people, places to, entertaining, and to teach the reader a lesson. I think most great books will have all three. I think the main message of the book was o show you that you cant take life for grantee. And also everything will always get better if you just try, and love will fix everything. I think the author is defiantly a realist and I would have to say an optimistic person, I think the author has a very optimistic look on real life, things witch makes his books enjoyable and fun to read. What did this book theme make me think about? It made me think about giving people second chances because they can surprise you just like Ronnie's dad did, the real life experiences that remind me of this story is movies, books, TV shows, and maybe other people's life's. I don't think im old enough to experience love that she had for Will I also don't know what anyone who has gone through cancer to know anyone who has gone trough cancer to know what it feels likes nor will I give my dad a second chance. I couldn't really relate to the book in my real life.

Wow. I don't even know where to begin.
Twitch. Twitch.

And if you needed some more:

"This book so lived up to my expectations."
"Ronnie's character on the outside the way she appears is a tough girl how just dissent car anymore."
"Her dad is also diagnosed with cancer and is dieing witch is very sad."
"To personalize this conflict can be hard and easy. In my life I think ive only ever been mad at my mom once been really angry with my mom , but my friends made me happy and helped me get through it. Just liked Will did for Ronnie. I can't say cancer brought me and any or my parents closer but I think it's a good reason."


Please understand that I do not pretend to be a "good" writer. My writing is riddled with errors and I am always afraid of sounding like an idiot. I don't even want to think about how bad my papers were in high school. I'm sure my teacher passed around my Macbeth report to her English buddies in the faculty lounge and they all had a good laugh at my expense... and I do not blame them.


Lamb Fam said...

WHOA!!! Is this for real? Please tell me it's not! I seriously wanted to pull out my red marker and get to work on these little numbers. Speaking of, I hope these "writers" are good at math. or science. or something!

Amy said...

What's wrong with those? Clearly you did not get the message of the book report Alicia. It's about second chances!

Lindsey said...

Oh geeze. That is atrocious! Bet it makes you miss teaching! (Not even a little bit, I'm sure.) Yeah, I get so sick of grading inexcusably crappy stuff, that I almost get excited when a student plagiarizes something that is readable!

Tara said...

WOW!!!!!! You should make a bunch of shirts that say, "I'm with stupid" to hand out to the whole class. WOW!

dxeechick said...

HAHAHA awesomely bad.

Allison Hansen said...


Okie said...

Ah yes...that's one of the many things I'm (not really) looking forward to once I finally make the jump to teaching. Still, I would hope that for every few (10, 20?) bad papers that come through there will be at least one or two that just shine....I really hope so. Maybe I'm too optimistic. :)