Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Hunt

Today, Blaine and I packed up the kids in search of this year's pumpkins. We began at Gardner Village. I thought they had a pumpkin patch... they don't.

While I love Gardner Village, it was a little crowded today. That's what I get for assuming everyone watches football but us.
I'll have to go to The Village again this season. I really do love that place.

Anyway, we headed to Pumpkin Point Farms in South Jordan and it was awesome. Jake was hilarious and loved every second of it.

Then, we went to Red Iguana for the most perfect Mexican food in Salt Lake City.
Really. It's that good.

All in all--a great Fall Saturday with the family.

She is so pretty, I can't stand it.

And so happy.

Two Carter kids.

Jake took this one of Mommy.
Time to dye my hair again.

At the patch.
There were these awesome tractors for kids to climb on.
Blaine and I laughed that this was Jake's personal version of Disneyland. He's been really into his "big trucks" book that showcases all kinds of trucks, tractors, etc. He knows all their names and recognizes them when he sees them.

Jake also loved picking out the pumpkins.

He kept picking them up and putting them in the wheelbarrow.

It was pretty adorable.

Even when he put a pumpkin in some stranger's wheelbarrow. Oops.

Sarah was just happy to be carried around.

That's my boy.

And, we're back on the tractor.

And Jake's found our car in the parking lot.
He's pretty happy to have it back in Utah. Although he is still talking about Karin's van.


Lamb Fam said...

Oh how I miss Red Iguana!!
And what a fun family day!

Becca Jo said...

your family is SO CUTE. and you look HOT btw

brad and michelle said...

Oh my gosh that boy is so adorable! I will probably buy my pumpkins at Walmart with the rest of the lame.

LEE BIEN said...
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LEE BIEN said...

Crazy me, I can't seem to spell. (The deleted comment was mine.) My two favorite photos are the first one of our beautiful Sarah, and the last one of Tractor Jake. Gosh, I love these kids. Your boots also look awesome, by the way.

Alifinale said...

So many great photos. How fun that you get to go to a real pumpkin patch and your kids cooperate for photos. I love it. You are beautiful!

Lindsey said...

I'm so glad you take your kids to an actual pumpkin patch! I have so many good memories doing that as a kid. Walmart kids are missing out!

Markelle said...

so cute, I love those pictures of Jakey!

Jacquee said...

your kids are so darling, Alicia. And that baby girl makes me want to have another one. Ahh! Not yet!

Glad you had such a picture-esque outing

Laurel said...

Those pictures are perfect. I'm glad you guys got to go and that it looks like everyone was so happy the whole time! Love you.

Valerie S said...

Your babies are just beautiful Alicia. And this pumpkin patch is just down the street from where we live. I recognize the fence in the pictures. I love it when little boys love trucks, trains, and construction equipment. It's just so...boyish. LOL

Shum Girl said...

So yes let's go to G.V. again. I have been working some half days so maybe we can go sometime during the week when it won't be too crowded. I will keep in touch.
I love your pictures. Kids and pumpkins are the best. And Sarah's eyes are gorgeous.

Mom of twins ♥ said...

Looks like a fun family day! We took our kids to get pumpkins today and then carved them and they loved it.

The Bollinger Family said...

Summy likes the cowboys. ;)

Scott and Megan said...

wow thsoe are some reallllllly good photos. You do look hott and the boots are especially hip hip happenin! This looks like THE perfect saturday activity...seriously! Oh, wow, what a blast! I love Jake and his trucks book.."and we're back to the tractor" LOL!

Johnsons Part Deux said...

We ate at Red Iguana Saturday night as well! Too bad we missed ya!

Jen Carter said...

Awesome pictures. Sarah is starting to look like her own person now. She is so pretty!

Jessie said...

Love these! The one of you and Jake {jake has his finger in his mouth} is especially cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the post! Can Sarah be any more beautiful! She is going to be a heart stopper! I love your little family and LOVE your kids! You are the sweetest mom!
Love ya, Larabelle :)