Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am a quitter tonight.

I quit the HOA.

It has been the bane of my existence for a long while now.
I don't feel better yet, but I'm hopeful I will soon.

At least my husband's got my back.

Frickin' HOA.


Laurel said...

Happy day!!! I've got your back, too, those bunch of bitches... (sans Tracy, obviously.)

Jen Carter said...

Anyone who has heard the story has your back. They aren't worth the headache. Good riddance to them.

Anonymous said...

what happened? I hope you are ok! Remember, I've always got your back...just let me at 'em!!! we have a "wicked-bad" HOA here as well. One time, my bushes out front were too high...I am still trying to figure out who the dude with the ruler is. Go figure! It totally made me want to park my car on my lawn. ...or buy plastic flamingos. Hang in there!
Larabelle :)

Scott and Megan said...

Nice, I was going to say I've got your back...but check out all these great comments from everyone who has your back! If you remember a certain bro-in-law of mine that needed some "dirty work" done, I delivered a SWAKMA (sealed with a kiss my ass) to a former adulterous bishop and may or may not have left him some profane thoughts to ponder...there is NOTHING I won't do for family...I mean nothing. I'm also reminded of the time I was handcuffed to my little brother....I think you get the picture...screw the HOA! Plus you're gonna sell your house soon and be outta there in no time!

LEE BIEN said...

As far as I'm considered your HOA has been a triple threat: NO salary or benefits, NO respect from your peers, NO satisfaction or validation. I'm glad you've separated yourself from the gaggle of geese. Walk away as graciously as you can and put it all behind you.