Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blessing Day (Ben and Scarlett)

My sisters' babies Ben (Michelle's) and Scarlett (Laurel's) were blessed on a Sunday evening. The hoopla of Christmas was over, and it was pretty nice to just enjoy family and friends (and delicious soup and treats).

 Tyler and Brett.
This is the only picture I have of the program. The kids started playing ring-around-the-rosies, and someone had to take them outside during the blessings.

It was pretty cute.

 Isabel is quite the leader. Kaiya and Jake will do pretty much anything she says. :)

 Poor Ben was diagnosed with RSV. Here's Brad giving him his breathing treatments. Poor little man.

 Here's baby Scarlett.
I love her crocheted dress.

 All kids love my brother Scott. I'm not kidding. He the greatest.

 I stole a lot of these from Laurel's blog, so they aren't as heavy on the Walker family. 

 My mom and my aunt Jan (my dad's sister).

 Megan, Kaiya, and Scott.

 My girl and me. I love her smile.

 Mom and Brett.

 Jakey folding his arms for the prayer on the food.
(He is perfect.)

 My dad, Jan, and Rick.

 Jason with Scarlett, and Scotty with Sarah.

 Sarah's smile is killer. I love when she smiles like this.

The new Lee girls. (Minus Scarlett, of course.)

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