Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Funny Santa 2010

Several years back, my mom started putting funny little presents in our stockings at Christmas time. It started out more innocent than it has become. As the twisted tradition had evolved, it has become much more irreverent, perverted, and funny.

You've been warned.

Brett got his journal, picture, and inspirational cd from his pioneer trek days.
He hated every second of trek, so this was especially awesome.

Michelle got her old *NSync keychain and an old mix tape she made years ago.
The best part of the tape was the picture of herself on the cover--complete with wetsuit, light-saber, pink wig, and tiara.

Laurel got Cosmopolitan Makeover. She borrowed this from a friend when she was in high school... and never gave it back.

Scott got this box.
With a hole in it.
"Step One..."

Jason got this brand new box of floppy discs.

Brad got favorite scary movie, It's a Wonderful Life. He's got a phobia of all things old. It's a bi+ch on his day job.

I got my old La Jete jacket, and a box of all my old dance shoes. There were at least a dozen pair in there.

Blaine was the big winner this year... he lucked out with a very provocative photograph of Brad.
Brad's friend, Joe snapped a picture of him while he was recovering from his motorcycle accident.
So funny.
I actually had some more incriminating photos, but I left those out.

Megan got Michelle's old teeth molds.
Check out these babies.

My mom got a double dose this year...
A set of flash cards entitled, Dave for Dummies that had pictures of guns and various fun facts.

And a ginormous Edward Cullen.

Matt was in charge of my dad's gift this year. He got a Lord of the Dance t shirt...

...And a Spanish Missionary appointment book that Matt filled out for him.
(We were just happy that Matt was involved a little bit this year.)


~*~ness~*~ said...

I'm not going to lie. When Rob and I were there for last year's unveiling, I almost peed my pants. Best...tradition...ever!

Markelle said...

I like you guys...

LEE BIEN said...

Funny Santa, I love you so.