Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Starting

Sarah likes Blaine more than me, and I'm not even done breast-feeding her yet. Jake at least waited until he was on to whole milk before he played "favorites".

Last night was ridiculous. Sarah cried every single time I tried to hold her and nurse her... Then, Jake was mad that Daddy wasn't reading his book with him. I couldn't win.

I hate this part of parenting.


LEE BIEN said...

It's like the tides-- ebb and flow. And perhaps one of the reasons they think their daddy is so awesome is because you do too. That's a good thing.

Becca Jo said...

I agree with your mom. It sounds like everyone in that house loves Blaine and that's good. I never had this with Eli but sometimes I wished he would throw a fit if Stewart didn't put him in bed or give him a bath or something.

Your kids love you. I remember always wanting my mom when I got I bet you still have that.

Markelle said...

I completely understand...Jack only wants daddy to take him potty, read him a book (even though I read two) or dress him. Miles is still all mine though. for now.

also Jack said "I not love mom, just you daddy." I was pissed. then depressed. Maybe we should be nice to our kids. huh?

Jen Carter said...

It's hard as an aunt...I can't imagine how much worse it is as a parent. It still bugs me that Jace likes Doug more than me. I'm holding onto Jake loving me'll be a sad day when he stops asking me for chips...I guess I'll have to start giving him money??

Christy said...

I call Dads the "Disneyland Dads." They're gone most of the time for you to do the discipline, and then come home and play. The kids know you are putting them to bed and have to stick by the rules. your mom is right. When the going gets rough, they will want you... sicknesses, first days of school, first days of church, etc. they will go to you for major comfort.