Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jen and Van's Shower

Markelle and I jumped at the chance to help Jen's sister, Jamie throw a baby shower for little Van.
Good food, good company, and a lot of presents make for a great time.
Now, if Van could just get here already... :)

Jamie and Janet (Jen's sis and Mom) made this darling diaper cake.

And, Markelle made these killer pom-poms.

The spread: Cafe Rio salads and chips and salsa.

Markelle and Chris. Aren't they pretty?


Jen's sister-in-law, Ashley and mom, Janet.

Michelle and Ben.


Lauren and Marcie.

Carly, baby Molly, Anna, and Molly (the original).

Megan, Markelle, and Michelle.

This is our mother-in-law, Chris telling me not to take her picture. I can't help it, though. She is too good-looking.


You would believe the amount of presents... Seriously, Jen--SCORE!

Three cheers for Mexican Coke!

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Jen Carter said...

Yay! Thank you for documenting...even though I'm huge. Holy crap. You guys did an awesome job. I'm a lucky girl.