Friday, February 25, 2011

These kids of mine

It's been a while since I have spent some time on here talking about what my kids are doing. I mean, Sarah is nine months and Jake is almost 2 and a half. When did they get so big? Geez.

Sarah Sweetheart: 

She is calm and happy almost all the time. 

She loves the sound of her own voice and likes to babble and yell. 

She loves attention and will flirt with anyone who will flirt back. 

She looks so much like Blaine that sometimes it's freaky.

She scoots everywhere. She will crawl for a couple steps, drop to her tummy and take off. She's got the "wounded soldier" thing going on.

She has five (almost six!) teeth.

She's in the 98th percentile for length.

She's finally getting some hair (and it look like it matches her dark eyebrows... yay!).

She is pulling up on everything and will often be standing when we go to get her from her naps.

She adores her big brother. No one can make her laugh like Jake.

Her laugh is awesome. Not as giddy as Jake's, but a hearty-chuckle just the same.

She looks cute in everything.

She says, "Mamamamama." (I pretend she is talking to me.)

She loves sweet potatoes and peas.

She loves little puff treats and bits of deli turkey and ham.

She's not really into the sippy cup just yet.

Her eyes are a beautiful brownish-green.

She wants to play with Jake and his toys (much to Jake's dismay).

She is really diggin' her lullaby seahorse lately.

She loves to play patty-cake and is trying to bring her hands together on her own.

She is starting to mimic us.
She is reaching out to people to hold her.

When we sing "Twinkle, Twinkle" at night, she perks up and throws her hands up in the air.

She responds to her name.

She gets in trouble for playing with the books in the living room.

She is wearing 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.

{Reaching for Daddy.}
Jake the Snake:

He is talking up a storm. I am amazed at his vocabulary and ability to put sentences together.

He is obsessed with his trains. I think they have actually replaced the cars obsession (for now, anyway).

He is beginning to pretend and make-believe. I love it. I will often hear him exclaim things like, "Uh, oh--Percy, are you okay?" While playing with his cars and trains. Or, "Oh no! Hit the brakes!" While running through the house and crashing into things on purpose.

He also loves to pretend to talk on the phone to various family members.
He gets himself apples all day long. (I don't complain about this one.)

He is usually very sweet to his sister, "Saiya". (The day he starts to say her name correctly, my heart will break.)

He loves stickers. LOVES them.

He's starting to say his own prayers, and always makes sure we don't leave anyone out when we mention nursery. i.e. Alex, Lily and Tessa... AND Rachael.

He is crazy about Micky Mouse in all forms.

He asks us about Disneyland all the time.
He loves tunnels. We tell him that the underpasses on the freeway are tunnels too.

He knows all his shapes and colors, and we are working on numbers and letters.
His eyes are a gorgeous blue and his hair is turning less "dirty blond" and more brown.

He sings ALL the time. (I love it.) Usually to the tunes of "Jingle Bells" and "Twinkle, Twinkle".

He's not even close to being potty-trained.

He loves to eat rice, beans, tortillas, chicken-nuggets, chips and salsa, noodles, cereal, and chocolate milk.

He loves screwdrivers and batteries.

His laugh is contagious.

He always comes to Blaine's side of the bed in the morning.

He is usually very polite. (Something I'm always trying to work on.)

He loves his "star blanket" so much that I made up a song for it:
Star blanket, star blanket, blue and white
I love to hold you and squeeze you tight
You're with me when Mommy turns out the light
Star blanket, star blanket, say "goodnight".

{Check out the pancake syrup on his face.}


Karin said...

A.dor.a.ble. Such pretty, cute kids. That Jakey is one s-m-r-t kid. He'll be ready for 1st grade soon!
We still call Joseph "Jovis" from Anna's early days- so keep the Saiya up as long as you can:)

LEE BIEN said...

Gosh, I love those kids.

Jen Carter said...

Beautiful babies. I love being around them. Even though Sarah might not let me hold her, she will still flirt with me from across the room. That'll work for now :)

dxeechick said...

your kids sound awesome

Rachael said...

We love your kiddos! I can't believe how grown-up Sarah looks in those pictures!