Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Disney World! {Tuesday}

Tuesday was a full day of classes for Blaine, so I hit the pool with the kiddos. Turns out that Jake is fearless in the water (thank goodness for life-jackets), and Sarah is a champion poolside snoozer. It was fun.
Later on that night, all four of us hit Epcot. It was radical.

There is also a video I took of Sarah playing in this fountain. It's pretty awesome and I need to upload it here.

These "living sculptures" were all over Epcot. They were amazing.

My hubs is so handsome.

A dancing Sleeping Beauty and her prince. Awesome, huh?

A little bit of England in the World Showcase.

And a little bit of Paris, France.

We loved the World Showcase.

This was a little corner of Morocco. Thanks to the Bakers' suggestion, we ate some Moroccan food here. It was heaven.

Since we were resort guests, we took advantage of Epcot's late night hours and did the character meet and greet. I am so happy we did this! Jake was really into meeting Mickey and Friends and it was adorable to see how awestruck he was. Half of the pictures are Jakey staring at whatever character's hand he was holding.

Mickey blowing Jake a kiss.

I love Blaine's kid-like expression here.

Jake hugging Minnie's leg.

High-five with Donald.

Sarah kept her distance.

Hugging Donald.

Meeting and hugging Goofy.

Almost every night looked something like this.
Actually, Sarah became a bit of a Mama's girl while we were in Florida. It got to the point where she really wouldn't even let Blaine hold her. She would snuggle and sigh when I held her like this. It was really sweet. (And only a little annoying to push around the empty stroller.)


Lamb Fam said...

You are a BABE FEST! And I LOVE Sarah's swimsuit!

Markelle said...

gosh your kids are cute, and sarah's swim suit? love!

and totally got giddy seeing the live sculptures of Woody and Lotso in the background.

Jen Carter said...

Oh my goodness you got some awesome pictures of your awesome trip. I love seeing how excited Jake was to be there. The boys are getting so big and things are getting so fun for them! I love watching it.

Okie said...

So jealous...looks like y'all had tons of fun. I can't wait to go back. :)