Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter... and a little Disney too. {Wednesday}

Wednesday was another day of classes for Blaine... so the kids and I ate in the hotel's cafe and hung around (naps!) until Blaine was done. Then, we loaded up for the rest of the evening and headed to the airport to get Nona and Poppy (Steve and Chris) and make our way to Universal Studios.

Universal Studios is huge... much bigger than I thought it would be, but we really weren't interested in anything other than The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I didn't care about anything but Harry, and apparently neither did anyone else. It wasn't as crowded as it was for my aunt Lisa and her family, (They went opening day last year!) but it was crazy crowded and crazy hot. I'm so glad we went, but it was nuts.

Wizarding World Highlights: frozen Butterbeer, Pumpkin Juice, lunch at The Three Broomsticks, Honeyduke's candy shop, the Owlery, the Dragon Challenge rollercoaster, and the most amazing ride ever... Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. I'm not kidding, Forbidden Journey was incredible. Blaine and Chris got a little sick, but this didn't make me sick at all. It was killer. I wish I had ridden it more than once.

On to the pictures~~~
My amazing sister-in-law, Markelle made these darling shirts for the kiddos. Jake's said, "Mischief Managed", and Sarah's said "Muggle Born".

I have the best in-laws ever.

Snapping some pictures while waiting to get into Harry. We were in Universal Studios, but had to wait almost an hour just to see the Wizarding World.

This picture actually makes the crowd look manageable. I promise I'm not a whiner. It was insane.

The Butterbeer was heaven.
Sarah girl.

Hitting the juice.

First look at the castle.
This is also the Forbidden Journey ride.

It was so freakin' cool... I took a million pictures.

Once we were sufficiently exhausted from the Wizard world, we headed to magic Kingdom to bask in our late-night privileges. We were here soooooo late but it was totally worth it. We spent most of the night in Tomorrowland. It was awesome to ride the People Mover and experience the hilariousness of the Carousel of Progress. We also got to laugh at Steve being "That Guy" at the Laugh Floor. It was really fun.

And of course, we had to watch the fireworks show again. No one does it like Disney.

I am in love with the Cinderella castle.

Jakey driving the cars. This was awesome. He loved every second of this ride and had to do it with both Mommy and Daddy. Jake really really believed that he was driving these cars! He got a Disney driver's license and it has been placed lovingly on the shelf in his room.


dxeechick said...

each day i am getting more and more jealous! can't wait to take my kid to do this stuff. it really looks just so fun. i'm so glad you guys got to go!

dxeechick said...

oh and your pics are great as always, BTW.

Becca Jo said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS! I want to go to Harry Potter SOOOOOOOOOO freaking bad. And I'm going to copy your Markelle's shirt design for Eli. Tell her sorry for me.

Amy said...

I can't even look at these pictures! I seriously just had a bad case of jealousy

Markelle said...

dang, the pictures are so cool. and Sarah, "hitting the juice." thats funny.

Jen Carter said...

So awesome. I hope to see it someday....Thanks for my postcard too...I was pretty excited about it :)

LEE BIEN said...

Oh, Harry!

jessie said...

So fun!

That forbidden journey ride looks the bomb!