Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Silver Lake

The playgroup hit Silver Lake a while back and it was killer.
Seriously, does it get better than this? Perfect weather, perfect colors, and perfect friends.
Could next fall come a little sooner so I can do this again? It was awesome.

Kimmy, Haley and kids.

Katie, Tessa, Lily, and Jake.


 Jake loooovvved the water. He thought that walkways (or tracks, as he called them) were pretty cool.

I love these kids of mine.

Rachael with her girls and Jakey.
Mindy and Alex.
Kimmy with Karley and Haley's girls, Katie and Annie.
And Haley with little Carter in tow.

Just taking a little break.

Sarah girl.


1 comment:

Markelle said...

I love silver lake, and jake looks like he is lovin' life!
Btw, brobyn's wedding looked amazing and you all look beautiful in blue!