Thursday, November 24, 2011


My parents were able to come in town for a work thing my dad was involved in. Every year, Altec does this event called "Touch-a-Truck". It's up at Rice Eccles Stadium and it's kind-of amazing. And even though Jake was too afraid to go for a ride with PopPop in the bucket truck, he was in heaven with all the trucks and big-rigs he got to climb in and play on.

 Sarah was a little nervous, but braved the bucket-truck anyway.

There we are.
Waaaaaaayyyy up there.

Smokey the Bear!

Driving the tractor.

Running back and forth in the refrigerated truck.

Playing on the school bus.


Christy said...

Oh my gosh. Spencer would have LOVED that event. Jakey and Spencer sure are two peas in a pod. I love all the vehicles they brought in for people to walk through. What a great idea!

Jonathan Carol said...

It’s great to see those little kiddos trying to drive those heavy trucks! It lets them experience the feeling of being behind the wheel. That'll surely make playing with their toy trucks even more fun when they get home! Aside from that, the event makes those trucks look less scary to them. Just make sure that they’re well-guarded when those giants are getting in action! Cheers!

Jonathan Carroll @ Bucket Trucks