Saturday, December 3, 2011

Annual Halloween Party at the Carters'

This year's annual Halloween partay at Brent and Markelle's place was so much fun. I really wish that I had more pictures of everyone in their costumes... How did I not get at least one picture of the Brent fam in all their glory??? (Jack was Captain Hook, Markelle was Tiger Lily -so awesome-, Brent was Mr. Smee, and little Miles was Peter Pan.)

Anyway, the games were awesome, the food was stellar, the costumes were killer, and the photo-booth set-up in the garage was hilarious.

Well... see for yourself.
We Lees really shouldn't be allowed to partake in this kind of thing. We are much too egotistical, vain and self-important to not go overboard when given this kind of opportunity.

The captain.

Doug, Jen, and Van as the Dharma Initiative and their little monster.

While out in the garage, some of us couldn't pass up the chance to try the pull-up bar.

Kaiya was actually hanging on all by herself here.
Tough gal.
And little Jack just wouldn't do it without his trusty hook.
Brett and Robyn as Karl and John.
Circa 1990?

Michelle was the greatest teacher ever.
I was lame and went with a witch.

Here's where things turn a strange turn...

These ones just makes me laugh. Blaine as a ghost is so funny to me.

Michelle was flying solo-parent tonight (if anyone was wondering where Brad was).

Proof that Kaiya is Michelle's daughter.

Love this girl.


Markelle said...

I am dying over you and glad you did get a fam picture, because you guys looked awesome and I'm particularly partial to Blaine's ghost costume. HA!

I like the carving pictures, so fun! We didn't get the chance to carve some. Until next year, I guess.

Michelle said...


Laurel said...

Oh, my gosh. I love, love, love the pictures of you and Michelle. And how about E.T. Blaine? Love. So sad we missed the party this year!!!

dxeechick said...

Super. Awesome.

Scott and Megan said...

We too are totally bummed we missed the party this year. We had great hopes of coming as Shaggy and Daphne (or Velma) and bring Frank (with spots spray painted of course) as scooby and Bronx as scrappy--can you imagine!!!???. But alas, Melinda and her belly-dancing concert conflicted, which in and of itself was a special once-in-a-lifetime event not to be missed!!! LOL. Blaine is such a good sport..him as a ghost was truly exceptional! Holy crap, I got a good chuckle! I love the pictures below of the pumpkin carving, my favorite is the IHC mug seen in the background..special bonding moment for us!!:) miss ya and the kiddos!