Saturday, December 3, 2011


I promise that this is the last Halloween post in December {this year, at least}.
Hey, don't judge--we had a lot going on this spooky season :).

Anyway, here are the pre-trick-or-treating pics. It's official: my kids are adorable.

They loved everything about trick-or-treating... knocking on the door, yelling "trick-or-treat!", getting their candy, and even saying "thank you" for said candy.

I loved, loved, loved basking in the Halloween magic in our new neighborhood. This neighborhood is so awesome.

Later on that night, we hauled the party to Molly and Wes' house to show off the kiddos with the rest of the Carter clan. Jake and Jack were hilarious running around to Molly's neighbors with their buckets of candy. We did not go to the "scary pirate" house like last year, as much as Markelle and I wanted to see the boys scared stiff again.

Proof that Miles was the cutest Peter Pan ever.
Nuff said.

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LEE BIEN said...

This might be your most adorable costume year so far! Send the Count and the cutest bumblebee ever my way.