Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kaiya is Three!

Kaiya had a Mickey/Minnie Mouse-themed party. Sarah especially loved wearing her birthday ears... she is all about Minnie these days.
She's pretty adorable.

See? Told you. :)

I think she is waiting for Brad to give her a treat or a drink or something when I asked her to pose for this picture. She is such a ham. I love her.

My little butter-ball, Scarlett.

Isabel playing with Kaiya's big present from Michelle and Brad.
And, just in case anyone is wondering, Ben can climb up into this house and fit comfortably on the second floor.

Sarah must be a true Italian with that weird backward-hand-wave thing. :)


Laurel said...

Awe. I love these pictures. Especially that Scarlett is your little butterball. ("I have a name!!!") Kaiya's party was awesome, and I'm so glad you guys could make it after your kids made gingerbread houses. Love you.

LEE BIEN said...

What an event! I love your pictures.