Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

Our ward's family-friendly Christmas party was pretty great. We sang songs, ate amazing food, and even met Santa. :)

Jakey was hilarious and wanted to go sing with the rest of the Primary kids during their special number. Once we saw some other Nursery kids up there on stage, we let him go. He loved it and pretended to sing his little heart out. I don't know where he learned to lip-sync (Ashlee Simpson?) but he was pretty good at it. 

After waiting in the longest line ever to see the big man, Jake ran up to Santa's lap happily, but Sarah was scared to death of him. 
I actually wish these pictures turned out better... there are few things greater than a screaming child on Santa's lap photo-op.

Jake was a champ. He made sure to tell Santa exactly what he wanted and we decided the line was worth this moment.

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Jen Carter said...

Aw. How cute. I wish Santa could have made it to our ward party. We took Van to get a picture at the mall but decided against it. Did you know Santa charges 27 bucks for one picture these days? Lame.