Friday, February 10, 2012

Jack is FOUR

Jack turned four years old at the end of January and as usual, Markelle threw a great party. All the kids had adorable animal hats, and the animal cake was awesome.

Jake was more than a little excited for Jack to open his present.
(The two of them may or may not have sneaked it out of hiding and played with it earlier that week.)

Sarah has literally worn this little lamb hat every day since the party.

Cute little Van.
I can't believe he's turning one next month.

Birthday boy.

Funny Ian.

Saying hi to Nona and Poppy on the iphone.

Isn't Mia sweet?

All the "party animals".

Happy birthday, Jack!


Scott and Megan said...

So cute! What adorable little hats and such cute ideas.

Markelle said...

awe, you got some great shots. love you guys!