Thursday, March 1, 2012

We can can. We can!

Thanks to our Bountiful Basket apples and our awesome neighbors, we canned for the first time. I was a little nervous about it but I think we did it all right, and now we have all these pretty little jars to put in our cold storage other than unused computers and paint. 


Christy said...

I love canning things. My mom always used to get shipments of fruits and vegetables and we would can them quite often. We did it as a child, but also when I was an adult and more interested, she showed my sister and I how, especially how to do it without the need of an official canner. Great going. Those look yummy. Whatchya gonna make with them?

LEE BIEN said...

That's my girl! Not that I do much canning anymore, but it feels fantastic to see rows of home-canned goods lining a shelf.

Jen Carter said...

I want to learn how to do that! We should do it with the Carters one of these days.