Thursday, March 1, 2012


I received the following {awesome} email yesterday after my John Mayer post:


I love you, but can't stand John Mayer.  He's a douche-bag . . . yes - as in "douche-bag, douche-bag."

This doesn't change my feelings for you, though.





Laurel said...

That is the best thing I may have EVER read on here. So, so happy right now!

Christy said...

Wait, for real? Your DAD said that?! hahaha.

dxeechick said...

that really made me LOL

LEE BIEN said...

Dad's email is awesome on so many levels! (Oh, Dave. Keep those typed letters and emails coming.) It reminds me of one from your college years that went something like this: "Dear Alicia, Quit calling collect when you call home. Love, Dad" It may have been even more priceless than that but I think he included a copy of our phone bill with yellow highlighted collect calls.

Jessie said...

I am dying! Your dad is my kind of dad. :)