Saturday, April 14, 2012


The Easter bunny made it to our house this year.
The kids were pretty into Easter... it was fun. 
I think next year we better focus a little more on the spiritual part of Easter though. All in all, we had a great Sunday, and my Sunbeam teaching counter-part, Angi, gave a wonderful lesson to Jake and the rest of the crazy three-year-olds. We even hung out with Scott and Megan and had a great Easter dinner.

A few pictures of our Easter morning.

Yes, I was the mean mom who insisted on a photo-shoot after church.
Hey, at least I allowed them to eat candy.

These next ones are all for my mom and Chris.
There's nothing like a little girl in her Easter dress.

Oh, man. These kids are my whole world.

Gotta love a sharp-dressed-(little)-man, too.

Due to our insane Saturday and the great journey back to SLC, I procrastinated dying eggs until Sunday. We dyed. We napped, We I cooked. We hunted. We ate. We ate a lot.

The hunt.

Blaine taught the kids to make some bug-eyes.
It was pretty funny.

Yeah... that last one's a little creepy.
Love you, baby. :)


Chris said...

I'm going to have to move there soon. This being away is killing me. The dress and the vest are adorable.

LEE BIEN said...


Rachael said...

I'm all about Easter dresses too! I love that pic of Sarah and Jake cheesing it! Soon sweet!

Christy said...

So darn cute! You've got some seriously beautiful kids. And did I ever tell you Easter egg dying is my least favorite kid activity. I try pawning it off on everyone every year. And how in the heck do you get her to keep her headbands in? That's amazing.

Michelle said...

I love the pictures of your kids in their Easter Sunday best! Funny - I almost bought that dress for Kaiya but they didn't have her size.