Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Laurel's birthday in Park City... No Boys Allowed

We've all been planning this little birthday weekend getaway for Laurel's 30th for a couple of months... Laurel knew all about it from day one. What she didn't know was that we were secretly plotting to get Mom here for the big event. It was a total surprise and a fantastically fun Park City retreat.

Mom, Megan and I drove up from Salt Lake and got to the restaurant early to be there, ready for the gals coming up Provo Canyon.
{BTW Blue Iguana is not as good as Red Iguana. Just sayin'.}

I'm sure Laurel thought I had lost my mind when she saw me waiting for her with my camera... until she saw Marmee. I love her reaction.

That's a happy birthday girl.

Laurel, Michelle, and Robyn ready to order.

The crew.

Michelle and I may have made/designed a miniature Pegasus for Laurel in celebration of Xanadu.

Push-up competition... completely impromptu and kind-of awesome watching my mom attempt to do.

I guess you had to be there... I promise it was funny.

Then, Megan and Robyn had to show up the rest of us and do about million with no sweat or ridiculousness at all.
The next day we all slept in, hit up McDonalds, then hit the outlets for some serious (kid-free) shopping. It was pure bliss.
All in all... a great time. I loved every second away from my everyday. Thanks for having a birthday, Laurel. I love you. 
{You rock.}


Michelle said...

"Dear Alicia, I love you so."

Michelle said...

...Kaiya wanted to "write" you a "letter."

These pictures are awesome. I had so much fun with you guys and I don't think I can wait another two years to do it again.

p.s. Kaiya just saw the picture of the pegasus and got really excited that she and Laurel have the same toy. I don't think she realizes it's the SAME toy.

p.p.s. I want my cardigan back ;)

Candice said...

another reason why I want to be a Lee sister. What a fun 30th.

Laurel said...

This was seriously the best. You guys are awesome, and I had so, so much fun. I love you! Thank you for making my 30th rock!!!

dxeechick said...

her reaction is adorable! and i laughed at the push-up pic even though i wasn't there :)

LEE BIEN said...

Happy birthday to Laurel? How about that it was also my best non-birthday ever! I had so much fun with my FIVE daughters. Love to you all!

Karin said...

Um, you are ALL so beautiful! You guys look great. And yes, I imagine it was a sleepless night full of laughs. Love you guys.