Thursday, May 24, 2012

Instagram Recap

I've seen a couple friends do this... where they post a bunch of Instagram pictures on their blog... which is total genius. I have become an Instagram junkie (never thought I would love like I do), but I worry that my blog might be getting the shaft. The following is a little over-kill. I think I'd better do these re-caps more often. 
Anyway... love Instagram. Everyone was right. It rocks.

View from my front porch . Diet Coke Sunday shirt . Sarah playing telephone . Sarah swinging . Sunbeam songbird tree . Sarah playing on the porch . Happy birthday Markelle . Play-date with Molly in the basement

Overdue for a shower . Jake and his puzzles . Scarlett Joy . Trains! . Watching Thomas . On the way to Heber . Sarah using her stool as a boat . Sarah and Mommy in Daddy's socks.

Costco hot dogs with the Walkers . Disney World potato salad . Sarah broke my laptop . Digging in the white trash backyard . Happy birthday Sarah at City Creek .  Frozen yogurt at Chills .  The little girls at Isabel's pageant . Long lost friend, Jaana! 

More train time . more Daddy's socks time . Blaine and Sarah . More porch time . Sarah likes her breakfast . First major "yard" purchase at Home Depot . Jake checking out his band-aids .  Girls' night at my house with a lot of Diet Coke

Chalk Wall-E and EVA by Daddy . A fort and Peter Pan . More trees to buy and creative ways to get them home . Trouble . Sunday walkin' . Too lazy to fix these repeats... oh well.
Disney World Castle . the train at South Towne Mall . Magic Kingdom Main Street . Cinco De Mayo at Rubio's . Jake's Rubik's Cube . Disney World Hotel room view . Playing with "Poppy's book"

Fountain at City Creek . Jack and Jake . More porch time . More girls' night . Movie time at our house . Jake's green thumb . Driving home from Heber

Playing at the park . Sarah's melt-down . Porch time... again . Waiting out an upset tummy . Honey-Lime-Chicken-Enchiladas . My pretty Mother's Day Orchids . Sick Jakey and an empathetic sister 

Angry eyes . On the pretend airplane, packed up for pretend Disney World . Bath-time . Jake and Super Jack . German Pancakes . More pageant pics . Eclipse sunset at Brent and Markelle's 

Happy Birthday Laurel . More City Creek splash pad . Arrested Development . Sunday Ridin' . Chills... again . Rough afternoon at Target . Last picture--last repeat


emmy said...

I love looking at these as a whole series. Oh instagram... so irresistible.

Rachael said...

Love these snapshots into your every-day!