Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day in St. George

Blaine and I jumped on what might very well have been a "courtesy invitation" to St. George. It just happened to be raining in Salt Lake when I got her "wanna come?" text... how could a girl say no?

Michelle and Brad even offered us to cram into their ride on the way down. You can't really tell from this picture but there are eight people in this van. I'm so sold on a mini-van, by the way. Sign me up.

Swimming in the pool with Daddy.

Drying off in the sun.

Nap-time with Daddy.

Jake and Kaiya pretended to play the piano and even made up some hilarious and sweet songs about Jesus. For real.

Michelle taught the kids how to play "slap-jack".

It got pretty heated.

Michelle and Benny at the coolest park I've ever been to since Copperton.

My super-slider.

My rock-collector.

I swear... Cafe Rio tastes better in St. George. Must be it's original status. I haven't changed up my order at the Rio since I ordered my first meal here (in St. George!) in '99. Wow.

Nielsons Frozen Custard.


Jake's self-portrait on the way back home. It was a fun, quick trip.

And dare I say that I think my favorite part was sitting outside on the lawn during naps with Michelle reading my In Style and getting sun-burned? Yes. Yes, it was.


dxeechick said...

aaaaah, sounds like heaven.

LEE BIEN said...

I love "getting away from it all" trips. Good times for the Walkers and Carters.

Marissa Joy said...

Oh I miss the Lees! You guys know how to have fun. Such cute instagram pics and adorable little kids!