Friday, May 25, 2012


A while back I began watching Friday Night Lights (the series) with Blaine... Blaine lost interest ("too much drama"), and so a bit later I watched it alone. I just finished it last night (with Blaine-- don't let him fool you-- he loved it) and I'm so sad it's all over.

What a show! I've been told for years by many friends that I should watch it and that I would love it. Well, needless to say, it's all true. You just have to get past all the underage drinking and sex.

Aside for freakin' Julie Taylor (You're too good for her, Matt Serecen!) I loved every single character on this show. I was surprised and inspired often by many stories and characters: Jason Street trying to be a good father brought me to tears. Smash finally making it to college was so awesome it gave me chills. Matt Serecen emancipating himself from his parents to take care of his Grandma was heroic. Landry was a favorite from day one, but I loved his consistent nerdiness and hopeless romantic nature. Tyra--you're an inspiration and a rock star. Lyla-- way to stick to your dreams and go to the best college for you. Buddy Garrity was such a jerk so often, but he had his moments and really came through in the end.Vince was a big surprise for me... I loved his growth and his commitment to his mother. Jess-- next to Tami Taylor, you were my favorite female character. Luke Cafferty was the perfect all-American cowboy kid. Mindy and Billy Riggins were the perfect, lovable white trash Texas couple. I shouldn't even mention Becky due to her abortion, but she was lovable too. Tim Riggins-- you can have my babies (Blaine approves, actually)... Tim Riggins probably showed more growth than anyone else on the show. And finally, Eric and Tami Taylor-- I just love that there was actually a television show about a married couple who were never, ever unfaithful to each other, who loved and supported each other through everything, and who always put their marriage before anything else. Coach Taylor is the ultimate dreamboat and I kind of, really, really want to be Tami Taylor.

I should also mention that this show gave me an appreciation for football that I never thought I would have. I still don't understand the game like I should but I really admire the sport's commitment to the team, as a whole... at least that's what I've learned through TV and movies, anyway. :)

So there is: an embarrassingly detailed gush over a TV show that's been off the air for a pretty long time, now. Still, it rocked my world. I'll miss you, Dillon.
Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.


dxeechick said...

Heck. Yes.

Candice said...

Texas Forever.

This post just allowed me to relive my journey with FNL. Dave and I watch it together this winter. I'm sure I was one of those friends that begged you to watch. My favorite females - Tami, Tyra, Mindy. In that order.

My favorite Males - Tim, Coach T, Matt

emmy said...

Best TV series EVER!