Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lee Family Reunion 2012

The Lee family gathers every other year. We are kind of a big deal and these parties are off the hook. I love my family... even for days at a time. This year, we met up in Heber at an awesome cabin for three nights and four days. 

Thanks, Mom and Dad for the amazing weekend! 

Sadly, my mom was sick with Bronchitis and then got super sick with the plague/flu bug that's being going around... we felt so bad for her. She had been planning this for about two years now. :)

Our first night featured the traditional talent show. The word "talent" is used loosely here... it's basically a bunch of us making complete fools out of ourselves for cheap laughs.
Here are the little girls in their jammies getting ready for the show to begin.

My mom singing "Waddle 'LEE' atcha"... she changed the words to this Melody Makers classic to accommodate our crazy family. It was awesome.

My dad laughing. Love this guy's laugh.

We especially loved that she provided us all with copies of the lyrics.

Okay... this was my dad's talent. It involved a green screen and "Stars" from Les Miserables.
Seriously, the planning and plotting involved in Dad's talent was impressive. Truthfully, Brett's talent was equally awesome (more on that later) but the surprise of my dad's zaniness was too good for words.

Brett and Robyn's reactions.

I think I like Michelle's reaction best.

Laurel's talent was "The Tiger Song" from The Hangover.
Yeah... she is singing with her eyes closed... and playing a Casio.

Michelle's was a poetry performance that was pretty awesome and also involved a costume that cost her $39.00.

Brad enlisted Kaiya to help out with his talent that defied gravity.

A shot from Brett and Robyn's talent. It was stellar. It was originally 14 minutes long but cut down to 12. It featured a dance-off, a parody of 500 Days of Summer (see above), a parody of Footloose and even an extra scene of a Star Wars light-saber fight a la George Michael Bluth.

The proud couple.

Scott and Megan wowed everyone with their awesome rendition of "My Little Buttercup" from  The Three Amigos! I don't think I could have taken better pictures of this is I tried.

I'm actually not sure what is making Scarlett and Kaiya laugh so hard here, but this might be the cutest picture ever.

Sarah (in her much too small kitty jammies) being the rabbit in our family's version of "The Little House in the Middle of the Woods".

Jake was the "hunter", and Blaine was the "little old man".
Let's just say that the Carters' talent paled in comparison to its competitors... but our kids were cute.

Matt allowed Mom and me to put his talent together. He wasn't sure it would "pan" out.

But, he was wrong.

"Greek God Pan" was awesome.

Of course, Dad won the talent competition. He deserved it.

Even if it made Brett super sad. :)
(By the way, the other two trophies were for kayaking and designing a family crest.)
(And I didn't win either. Boo.)

Kayaking at Deer Creek.

Helping Daddy carry the oars.

Race one.

Miss Scarlett.

Jake and Sarah taking it all in.

Matty acquainting himself with his youngest niece.

Kaiya and Sarah throwing rocks with Brad.

Laurel and I have been talking lately about how fun it is to see Sarah and Scarlett "catch up" to each other in age. They are only five months apart and I can't wait for them to be besties.

Blaine is such a good daddy to these kids. He spent a good amount of the afternoon pulling them around the shore in the unused kayaks, helping them believe that they were really paddling the boat themselves.

Oh, I love you, Jakey.

Kaiya's bum. Super cute.

Taking Jake out.

That's me!

Laurel and I went out together. (She beat me.) It was fun and neither of us knew what we were doing.

Dad. :)

More Scarlett.

Robyn getting ready to join the fleet.
Oh yeah, and Scotty won the kayak trophy.

Later on that evening, we all got pretty for a family picture at The Homestead. One of my best friends, Val took them for us and they turned out really, really nice.

I think this one is my favorite but I've got to figure out how to fix Scarlett's hand.


The Richardsons.

The Carters.


The Walkers.


Val and her two oldest girls, Avery and Holland.

My mom and dad. 
Love them.

Six grandkids!

The returned missionary.

That's better. 

 We made sure to go get buck-wheat pancakes at Chicks for breakfast one morning.

And we visited The Homestead again to check out the crater. It was fun.

My pretty Marmee.

Our view of this little private lake. Killer, eh?

View from the hot tub.

S'mores. (With Spider-Man Fudge Stripes!)


Aaaannnnd Bretty.

With Robyn. :)

Here's my dad snoozing with a good book. I think this one was taken during the four hour creation of the family crests. If I remember right, there were seven crests made but Scott, Laurel, Michelle, and I seriously sat at the table for four straight hours working on ours.
Yes, Michelle won this trophy. No, I didn't deserve it but it did feature Loch Ness.
I can't believe I don't have pictures of each crest. I will have my parents take some for me.


 Michelle's (and the big winner).



 Brett and Robyn's.





Lanea Sampson said...

I LOVE this family!!

Christy said...

Wow your family reunions put ours to shame! That really was epic! I love your family. Thanks for posting pictures of it. It was such a fun read. You guys are awesome!

dxeechick said...

That looks so fun! Your family is so funny and cute.

Candice said...

You are the envy of all Family Reunion Attendees across the country. I had so much fun just reading this. Lees rock.

Scott and Megan said...

Oh Alicia...this documentation is just flippin' awesome!! I too, don't have any of the freaking crests and was like, "what!?" There were "technically" 7 crests made...but does Brad's count??? LOLOLOL

Laurel said...

I love this so, so much. Our reunion was the bomb dot com, and I wish we could do it again already. Thanks for taking {and posting} so many awesome pictures!

Mom of three! said...

Loved all the pics! Always loved your family! Brings back so many memories when you talk about "Melody Makers" it was so fun singing with your Mom's group when I was younger!

Jeff & Jacki Sharp said...

that was fantastic. I'm so glad I read this whole post! aw you guys are awesome. Love the Lees!!!!