Sunday, July 8, 2012

Washington trip

Not too long ago, Blaine and I decided it would be good idea for me to take the kiddos to Washington when Matty J. got home from his mission. Don't get me wrong... it was a good idea... it was just a lot harder being a single parent than I thought it would be. I'd like to say it was the drive. But it wasn't. My kids are generally great travelers. Sarah got pretty sick (croup) and Jake was as difficult as he was right after Christmas. (And if you know how hard that was on me, then you know me well.)

I wish I was a better mom and had more patience in times like these. Patience is something that I am praying for daily. (Totally serious.) Because this really was an important trip for me. Still, I'm so happy I went to see my little brother come home. Matt is so awesome and I loved spending one on one time with him. I also loved watching Matt meet my kids all over again.

All in all--completely worth it and worth every minute. I love Washington in the summer, and I hadn't been to my folks' house in a year.

The beginning of the journey.

A little Idaho. (Some parts of the state are actually pretty.)

Oregon. Just outside of La Grande. Here's where things start to pretty up.

More Blue Mountains.

A lookout point above Pendleton.

I love the way farms look like patchwork quilts.

And, here it is. The Columbia river Gorge. The most beautiful country I've ever seen with my own eyes...

These pictures don't do it justice.

Not even close.

My mom's "fancy room" with her baby grand piano. I love the green that's always showing through all the windows.

Poor, sick Sarah. This was the morning when we finally got her into an actual doctor. We tried to get to an Instacare the night before, but the jerk of a doctor wouldn't see us. His receptionist told us he was still there, but that his hours ended ten minutes eariler. Oh, did I mention that I had talked to this receptionist three times on my way to their office? And that I begged her to stay there and that my daughter needed a steroid treatment because she couldn't breathe? And that the only reason I wasn't able to come earlier was because their online site showed that they closed a half-hour later than they actually did?
I was furious. Remember the hospital scene in Terms of Endearment? Yeah. Just call me Shirley Maclaine.
While waiting to see my mom's amazing doctor, Katherine, my genius mother made little people for my kids to play with. here's Sarah with a flight attendant.

And Jakey's pilot. Adorable.

Okay... so here's the sad truth about seeing Matt at the airport. My parents read the flight itinerary wrong and we were late to see him off the plane. So late, actually, that as I was pulling in to drop off my mom and go park the car, we found him sitting outside with all of his luggage. Saddest sight ever.
My dad realized our mistake and raced over from Altec (his work is minutes away from the airport), but even he couldn't make it in time.
Matt swears he was okay with it. He actually realized my parents had the wrong time during his layover and was anticipating that no one would be there.
Well, it was still great to see him and he was still surprised that I was there at all. He didn't know I was coming. :)

Matty and Mom and Dad.
I think Matt's on the phone with Laurel here?

"And we're the two best friends that anyone's ever had..."

Hanging out by the fridge. :)

Playing up at the neighborhood park by my parents' house.

I love these trees.

Sunday afternoon. Following Matt's homecoming talk (which was incredible, by the way), my parents had a little open house for friends to come over and visit with Matt. My parents' neighbors/friends, the Petersons brought their new kitten over for a few minutes for my kids to pet. I think the poor little kitten (Grayson) was terrified, but Jake and Sarah were enamored by him. Especially Sarah. She was giddy and darling. Too bad their mom sucks and these kids are never getting a pet. Ever.

I know that I went a little nuts with all the kitten pictures, but holy crap. Isn't Sarah a doll here? For real.


dxeechick said...

Sorry it was a difficult trip, but glad that all in all it was worthwhile. You are a great mom. If you can show me a mom who never loses her patience, I will give you a million dollars. I'm right there with you on praying for it D.A.I.L.Y. I will throw in a little extra prayer for you, if you do it for me!

Love you.
Way to be fun and take a big trip :) I'm working my way up to that. And you have TWO!!

Scott and Megan said...

Sorry, but after those pictures, Sarah needs a little gray kitty! Those are the cutest pictures of her and her big smile...but then you know me; BIG sucker for kids with animals. She has pets remember...Frank and Bronx!:) Hats off for taking the road trip with two wee ones! I get ants in my pants and get all crazy when I take that drive and am out of my element!:)