Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jake turns FOUR

My baby boy is four years old. Man, I love this kid.
We've been planning a train party for a few months now and I think it turned out pretty cute. Of course, I failed to get pictures of the tracks we built through the house with electrical tape (thanks, Pinterest!) and I suck and didn't get a single picture of the food table or (and I'm seriously so sad about this...) a picture of all the cousins wearing their conductor hats and bandanas.
Oh well, Jakey was in heaven and lapped up all the attention.
Happy birthday, buddy.

Side note: Blaine and I were up late the night before taping up the floor and making tracks for our big boy. When Jake woke up and came into our room in the morning the conversation went something like this: 
Jake: Hey guys! I saw the tracks!
Me: What tracks? Who put tracks down in the house??
Jake: You builted them, Mommy! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

 The invite.

 Here's the birthday boy opening up some presents. Thanks again, Jen--for getting pictures for me. :)

 You know how there's usually one present that "takes the cake" each birthday or Christmas? Well, this was it. My mom bought Jakey the flying Lightning McQueen Hawk toy. He has seriously barely put it down since last Saturday.

 Checking out more toys.

 We laughed at how long it took Jake to see his new bike (which he helped pick out) but when he did, Jen caught the best reaction ever here.

 Big boy bike!

 Blowing out some candles.

 Even though these Lee kid pictures are so adorable, I'm still kicking myself for not getting the Carter kids before they left.

 Scarlett kills me... she never stopped smiling and posing.
And yes--Sarah is wearing no shirt, FOUR skirts, and one shoe. There was some princess dress wearing by the older girls and I guess Sarah thought four skirts was the best way to go.

 "All aboard!"

  Kaiya and Jake hamming it up for the camera.

 Sarah (with a shirt on, now) riding the trike.

 And there he is! Already a pro...

He just looks so big. I love this boy.


Christy said...

Freaking amazing party!! You totally rocked it. Spencer would have been all over Jake's party! Sad you didn't get pictures of the track either cuz that pretty much rules. And I love the invitation. Where did you have it done?

LEE BIEN said...

All aboard! (Warned ya, warned ya twice.) What a fantastic party. Loved seeing you guys this week.

Michelle said...

Hahaha! "Warned ya twice." Mom is funny.

We had so much fun at the party and I'm kind of pissed that you did a train party, because now I can't. There's no way I could compete.

Love the group shot, by the way. I wish all those Carter boys were in it too, but I still love it!