Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sunday Pancakes and Neighborhood Walks

Jake's actual birthday was on Sunday and since we are too lazy to wake up super early for a birthday breakfast, we had pancakes post-church (The Special Plate with candles and all!)

Sarah had to have a candle too... we went ahead and let her.

Here's a (poor) shot of the streamers that were up for a week straight.

Later on that evening we decided it had cooled down enough to take a little walk around the neighborhood and trail. Always a good decision.

I just love our view of Timpanogos.

Funny girl adjusting her flip-flops.

And if you squint (really hard) you can see Draper Temple. Pretty.

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Christy said...

Sooo cute that you have this tradition! And I loved that the flying Lightning McQueen was sitting right next to his plate. :) Beautiful place you have to walk in too! And THANK YOU for blogging again. None of my friends are updating anymore and I'm pretty much stuck on the couch trying to read and keep myself occupied and I wish blogs were updated more. :) Keep my mind off being sick!