Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fire Station Field Trip

For the letter F, our little Pre-school group headed to our very own Herriman Fire Station. It was so cute and my little Jake was such a quiz-master. 
Love him.

It was fun to have all the kids' siblings around. Even our older kids could come since they were off track.

"Stop. Drop. Roll."

Pulling on the pole to open up the ceiling.

Jake asking every question he could think of.

Sweet little faces.

Getting a demonstration of fireman's clothes.

Our hosts/tour guides were so amazing. They were so sweet to the kids and were very accomodating.

Lining up to get on the fire truck.

We love our fire-fighters!


Candice said...

I just love that picture of Jake with the handsome fireman. I can just see his little brain working.

LEE BIEN said...

Jake is such a handsome boy! What a fun field trip for these little kids. Question of the day: Why are firefighters such hunks?