Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Dad is 60!

We had an impromptu 60th birthday party for my dad last month. We had originally planned on having it in November, but due to conflicting schedules, we moved it up a month. I wish we had been able to plan it a little better, but the old guy has a lot of people that must like him. He had quite the turn out and it was a lot of fun.

Brad, Blaine, and Travis.


Lisa, Robby, Mom, Robyn, and Megan.

Guy and Kristin (plus their twins), and Jason.

Dad with Rick and Jan (my Dad's sister).

Jon and Jake.

Ashlee and Jeff.

Sarah and Blaine.

I am loving being preggers with Laurel (due in January).

A little less-scary version of me.

My perfect Dad.

I've always been amazed by my dad's ability to blow out all his candles.

The Leavitts (and Laurel).
Jack, Guy, Adam, Sadie, and Kristin.

My Dad's awesome present from Lisa.
Seriously awesome pajama pants.

Reading some top ten lists  out loud.

My dad and Bob Hill have been besties for years. 
I love these guys.

Jeff, Miles, Lisa, Mom, and Ashlee.

Happy Birthday Dad!
(Which is today, by the way.)
You are my hero in so many ways. I am so proud to be your daughter. 
Thanks for being my perfect Dad. 
I love you.


dxeechick said...

the preggo sisters! that is so cute.

Scott and Megan said...

Good times. Well, kinda good times; that pictures of me represents exactly how I felt...like I was recovering from surgery!!! LOL Good documentation, missy!!! i love my papa Georgi-o!!!

LEE BIEN said...

It was a great party for a GREAT daddy-o. Thanks for the post!